With May comes all the things I love best about life in the Midwest and especially here in the boonies. The babies are born, the flowers are blooming, the air is warmer. I have more energy than ever, and it’s a good thing, with all there is to do this time of year! This year, I’m finding myself with less energy than usual, though maybe I’m coming out of the First Trimester Sleep into the Second Trimester Burst of Energy (impatiently standing at the door to herald the supposed thing in!).

So this month, with all this energy I’m supposed to have, I can’t help but consider giving some of this time back to the One who gave it to me in the first place. We try to be good stewards and tithe our money, but sometimes it’s easy to forget about the other big blessing we have – our time. This month, I want to try to give God more of my time, because, if nothing else, I think it’s what Mother Mary would want for Mother’s Day. I’ll focus on getting that decade of a Rosary done and reading at least the daily Mass readings. (And oh, this feels so pathetic, because during Lent I found myself doing so much more, but let’s take baby steps together, shall we?) I’m going to finish that online retreat I started and got behind on about three weeks ago, and if it takes me all month to finish it (I’m starting on week 32, and there are 34 total weeks), then so be it. In doing these things, my focus is going to be on fostering a background mentality with my prayer – talking to God in the in-between times, conversing with God as I wander through my days, listening for God in the silence of my day (rare though it may seem).

And one more thing I’m going to do this month, even if it kills me. I’m going to clean off my desk.