We prepare ourselves for the big things in life – graduation, career, marriage, children. We spend a lot of time psyching ourselves up, reading and pondering, planning and preparing. In fact, sometimes it’s easy to think that life is all about the big things.

But what about that steaming cup of coffee first thing in the morning? What about the brilliant sunrise on your morning drive? What about someone expressing sincere appreciation for you out of the blue on a day when you really need it? What about the sense of accomplishment after completing a good book? What about the anticipation of a date, even after you’ve been married for years? What about the beauty in a simple daisy?

We keep ourselves busy day by day, and really, we can’t help it. In the midst of our busy-ness, it’s easy to forget about the little things – the comfy socks, the cozy blanket, the warm fire, the full belly, the ease with which we can move (but the hyper dog stays in our face and we can’t forget him!). Sometimes, it’s not until they are gone that we miss them.