In all the talk about Mary around here, you might have missed my devotion to Joseph.  And that’s OK.  You have a lot of other things to keep track of.

Take a moment, though, and click on through to read “Time for Joseph.”  It’s Mary Kochan’s latest at Catholic Exchange, and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. This is the kind of column I print and save to reread. The imagery is great and the idea behind it, Joseph as a gift to us, is so beautiful. I hope you take a moment to read it.

If ever a man could have felt himself to be superfluous in a situation, a real 5th wheel, it might have been Joseph, for the Incarnation was very pointedly accomplished without his help. Having signed up to be the husbandly guardian of a woman who was vowed to holy virginity was one thing. But when unexpectedly she was expecting: everything around him — their plans, his and her reputations, the entire way of life he was anticipating — was suddenly overturned. Then, just to make things interesting — and Joseph was not asking for interesting — angels started having conversations with him. Gulp.

Now go read the rest.  Call it an Advent gift to yourself.