Continuing my Poetry Friday theme this month (here and here), I’m sharing a selection from Behold Your Mother. It gave me pause for thought…during May, Mary’s month, I’m often contemplating her role and her challenges, but this is also the perfect time to think about Joseph, her husband, Jesus’ foster father, wonderful intercessor for us all. This poem also speaks to the trials and hurt I have faced in my life, looking at loved ones through a veil of hurt. May is a joyful, wonderful, beautiful time of the year, and yet, there is pain beneath the beauty, isn’t there?

Joseph’s Intended
I don’t much like surprises
A carpenter’s life, a splinter here or there,
a tarnished shekel in the dust.
But this, my love, what are you telling me?
That I have waited so long for nothing?
How could you? Why would you break my heart?

How could it be, that you betray my promise,
my blemished bride, overripe and green?
I scream but no one hears me,
pray but no words come.
And so, tonight I’ll close my eyes till morning,
asking: Why, my Mary, why?

Copyright 2008
from Behold Your Mother, by Heidi Hess Saxton

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