This is part of my adventure in giving my monthly resolutions focus a yearly focus. You can read all of my resolution posts here (scroll down for older posts).

Mental Focus: Clearing the clutter through home organization
At the beginning of the year, I made a plan for which part of my house I would focus on each month. Well, that flopped. Or rather, it changed. Because life is not static, is it? I had to adapt a bit.

July marks the beginning of my two month sabbatical from work. I’m going to be working on my book, yes, but I also plan to attack some of the little hidden areas in the house. The porch is long overdue for a cleansing, and the playroom is looking haggard too. And how about the living room? We spend our evenings there, but it could use some attention.

This month, I’m going to spend at least five minutes a day clearing out clutter. Though I’m cringing at how small that commitment is, I also know myself: I’ll abandon ship if it looks un-doable. So, five minutes a day on clutter control.

Physical Focus: Getting off my duff
Last month, I had no sooner written that I needed the humility to ask for help in this area than a friend of mine offered to let me borrow a couple of DVDs. I was hesitant, because I’m always hesitant about working out. But it’s been great! I did a one mile workout throughout June, and just this morning, I started the two mile workout. I put it on mute and listen to my iPod (the audio rosary fits in well for me). I have missed a day or two, but I’ve been averaging five days a week. I plan to keep that going this month, and then the habit should be routine.

Spiritual Focus: Staying focused in my prayer life
I’ll be continuing on the Holy Cloak of St. Joseph novena which I started in honor of Father’s Day and today, I’m beginning the Little Flower Novena at the suggestion of a friend. (You’re welcome to join me for either or both — and don’t worry about whether you don’t read this on the first day; jump in the middle and do it, time is less important than the praying.)

When I was wringing my hands about my sabbatical (this is a scary thing for me), my husband suggested I spend an extra hour in Adoration. And you know what? That’s just what I’m going to do. I’m going to take my wringing hands and piles of worries, and I’m going to lay them at His feet.

Do you have plans for July? Are there areas that you’re going to focus on improving?