This is part of my adventure in giving my monthly resolutions focus a yearly focus. You can read all of my resolution posts here (scroll down for older posts).

Mental Focus: Clearing the clutter through home organization
Last month, I was supposed to clean out the porch. I didn’t.

This month, according to my master plan, I’m supposed to work on the living room. We’ll see.

It’s not that I don’t want to continue this journey of junking the unneeded, it’s that my motivation lately is…nonexistent. So in June, I’m going to focus on that bad attitude that’s lurking underneath nearly everything lately and I’m going to pray…a lot. I think I’ll probably also fast. Fasting is powerful.

Physical Focus: Getting off my duff
I’ve been slacking on this, but as I shared a while back, I’ve given myself permission to put this away for the time being. Recently, though, something came to light that made me think this needs to be a priority. This month, I’m going to do some research, make a plan, and hopefully implement it. It’s going to require that I ask for help, so I’m going to pray for the humility to do that.

Spiritual Focus: Staying focused in my prayer life
One thing I don’t do well is evening prayer. This month, I’m going to focus on saying one small prayer before bed. My intent will be to thank God, but the focus is going to stay small and achievable. Did I mention that I’m going to rely heavily on God’s help to accomplish this? (I’m not an evening person. Not at all. I fall asleep early, and usually I just nod off…sometimes as early as 8:00!)