It’s June, and looking back over my May resolutions, I have to smile – only the desk remains undone (though the prayer life could always use improvement). I have been thinking for a few days about how fast May went, and how slowly, just like every year. I get so caught up in what needs done and how much of it there is to do (don’t we all?) that I let the month whiz by, even as I’m gasping for a breath of the passing flowers in the air.

So in June, I’m going to slow down. I’m going to curl up with those novels I’m eyeing and I’m going to spend some time really sitting down (or running around, as the case may be) with that growing-too-fast daughter of mine. It’s the month of the Great Drywalling Project and the Week of the Visiting Cousin, both of which happen at nearly the same time. It’s the month of day lilies and swimming pools, of Father’s Day and air conditioning, of baseball season and new creepy crawlies on my kitchen floor. I’m going to capture some of my thoughts more frequently, perhaps in the pages of those journals that tempt me from nooks and crannies. I’m going to host a cookout or two, attend a few others, and enjoy Summer Break with the kids (and adults!) in my life.

Did I mention I’m going to get caught up on my blog reading? Because I am. And maybe I will do what Julie does, and dump the text into a text file and print them off, so that I can have my nose in a sheaf of papers throughout the day. (Thanks for the idea, Julie!)