Today I began the Little Flower Novena. It’s also the first day of my two month sabbatical from work.

I’m a little…uncomfortable…about this whole sabbatical thing. Oh, it’s nice (though expensive). It’s a grand opportunity. It’s my chance to put my money (literally) where my mouth is…to show God that I do trust Him.

All the same, it’s scary. I feel like I have closed my eyes and jumped off the cliff, sans parachute or rope. I know God is there. I know God will take care of me and my family and everything that needs done. I know this is the right thing.

But, even in knowing, I have that tingly nervous feeling. Even in the peace of having made the decision, I have that curiosity about how it will all work out.

Today’s thought for the day for the novena was confidence in God.

We can never have too much confidence in the good God who is so powerful and so merciful. We obtain from Him as much as we hope for.

Think God’s trying to tell me something?

I’m so glad he is. He must really love me.

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