Mother Teresa taught her Sisters and co-workers that Our Lady’s was a presence that helps us to see through the darkness, a presence that consoles and sustains us when we are weak, a presence that reminds us of the cry of her Son when we are forgetting him or following the voice of ego. Reflecting on the strength she found in this Marian milieu, Mother Teresa coined a short prayer that she taught her Sisters: “Keep us in your most pure heart.” She was convinced that in this sacred place, all God wanted for her and from her would be realized.

Joseph Langford, MC, in his book Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady

What do you suppose it’s like in Mary’s heart? I think there are certainly freshly picked flowers, probably handed to her by grubby hands. I’ll bet the little girl or boy who gave them to her skipped in, all proud and excited, and had a smile the size of Texas. I’ll bet there was a hug involved, and perhaps a tear in the corner of someone’s eye.

The thing is, I’ll bet there are a lot of humble vases, plastic cups, and wet paper towels of flowers in Mary’s heart. I don’t think she minds the fancy vases of store-bought roses, but I think there are probably just more of the others. I can think of many times that I’ve gone running to her, just like my young daughters come running to me, with violets and daisies and dandelions falling out of my arms.

I’d like to be in Mary’s heart. I’d like to cooperate with God’s grace, to accomplish all He wants for me. Just what does He want for me? Well, I guess I know where to go: straight to Mary’s heart!

Photo by Basta Cosi