If the name Kevin Lowry isn’t familiar to you, allow me to change that.

Kevin’s the author of a great new book, Faith at Work: Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck. (I’ll be reviewing it in depth next week.) Kevin also blogs at Grateful Convert, where you can find his conversion story, his recent reading recommendations, and his thoughts on how we should treat others.

Kevin was a guest here on Thursday, where he reflected on the word “womb” as part of the ongoing Looking Closer at the Hail Mary series.

Today, he’s going to be answering a few questions that I sent him, with strict instructions that he had 140 characters or less to use for answering.

What do you hope people take away from your book?

Hopefully a new perspective on the power of integrating faith and work, and encouragement to do so in practical, simple ways each day.

What was the best part of writing this book?

Working with the OSV team, meeting other Catholic writers, and discovering that even my mistakes could serve as blessings to other people.

Who was your biggest inspiration while you were writing it?

My dad, for our countless discussions about faith and work over the years. I also prayed constantly to the Holy Spirit for guidance.

When did you write this book? Is there a certain time of day or setting that works best for you?

I sat in an old recliner in our family room, right in the midst of all our family chaos. It was my attempt to integrate writing and family.

When you think of the book, what about it makes you smile?

Recalling some of the stories, such as getting chewed out by the ref in chapter 13. I still give my friend Tom a hard time about that one!

Be sure to check out more of Kevin’s work at Grateful Convert.