I didn’t remember, when I posted my “twitter-view” with Kevin Lowry earlier today, that he was reviewing Catholic Family Fun as the final stop on the Book Tour today.

And what a review. He starts,

Yes, I’m a husband and father of eight kids. But family fun doesn’t always come naturally – even (or perhaps especially) in what is often thought of as a “large family.” I dispute that eight kids is a large family, but that’s not the point. My role is too often that of dispute mediator, grievance adjudicator, and apologist for reality (“No, it’s not worth $1,000 for you to clean the basement.”)

Even worse, I fear that perhaps… I’ve become too detached from fun. It’s my own fault, really. I refer to my wife in jest as my “social director” and far too often defer to her in matters that might be construed as “family fun.” Maybe it’s my professional upbringing. I’m a CPA, for crying out loud.

I mean, seriously. Catholic family fun? I really am clueless.

He continues later,

I have a deep and resounding love for my kids, but this won’t help if I don’t invest in them. My love takes the form of time, talent, and sure – treasure. But the ideas in this book don’t require much of the latter.

Kevin gave the book high marks, which I so appreciate. I can’t wait to hear about how his family likes his new Family Fun Mentality. Bet there’s going to be some fodder for interesting blogging there…