My daughters love to read…and it warms my heart in many ways.

About a month ago, they came to me with this idea they’d had, inspired by the fact that Fern’s been writing book reviews.

“Mom, we want to start a book club!”

I was all for it.

They read the books to each other and then answer some of the questions I’ve put together for them and file them in a place where I’m supposed to find them…and post them…in a timely manner.

(They’re doing their part. Me…not so much.)

Fern and Charlotte's Book Club for Kids

Fern, age 11, is reading out loud to Charlotte, age 8, and that’s the book club. But I’ve also noticed Charlotte reading aloud to the 5-year-old mancub too, outside of the “book club,” so there may be some kids’ reviews in the future of books more suited to boys. (Cue the sound of revving motors and prepare yourself for adventures in farming.)

So this week, I bring you the first in their book club posts, in which they discuss Libby of High Hopes. Enjoy! ~ Sarah

Kids review LIBBY OF HIGH HOPES and find it pretty entertaining

Fern and Charlotte Review Libby of High Hopes, by Elise Primavera

This book is about a young girl who follows her dreams, but is discouraged along the way.

Our favorite part is when (spoiler!) Libby gets to ride the horse of her dreams. We liked this part because it made the book really come together. It made sense.

We really didn’t enjoy the repeated usage of the words/phrases “No it was not fair” and “I would do it for anything in the world.” We didn’t like this because it really got on our nerves and was in every chapter or so.

The part that really stuck with us the most was the fact that each chapter left you on a cliff hanger. It was like starting a new adventure every chapter.

We think this book would be best for readers in 2nd-4th grades.

“Very good and entertaining.” — Charlotte, age 8

“Pretty easy and quick read for a 5th grader.” — Fern, age 11

Kids review LIBBY OF HIGH HOPES and find it pretty entertaining