It’s pretty common for people to ask me, after they’re done asking how I do it all, how I manage to read so much.

I guess I’m not the only one who has to answer that question, though I give Brandon Vogt credit: he did something about it that’s way more helpful than what I have ever done: he created a video course (which also has an ebook and an audiobook).

He emailed me earlier this week:

I just re-launched my “Read More Books Now” Video Course a couple days ago. It’s a 10-part online video course which helps people DOUBLE the number of books they read and remember what they read. Over 850 people have already signed up!

Yes, that’s right: a course to teach you how to read more.

Read More Books - Snoring Scholar

I’m in a season of life when, uh, this might be really really REALLY helpful, even though I do read a lot already.

So yeah, when Brandon asked me if I wanted to check it out, I couldn’t stop my curiosity.

Turns out:

  1. It’s well done…and it’s in a variety of formats (ebook, audio, video).
  2. I think I can actually apply some of these things.
  3. I’m going to spend less time learning than I will applying what I’ve learned.

But there’s a catch.

This package is only available until May 26, 2016, midnight ET.

So if, like me, you want to read more (and with summer coming, there’s HOPE of more reading, RIGHT?), go ahead and sign up.

Here’s what the “Read More Books” package includes:

The Video Course

Cost: $67 or $97, depending on how you pay.

A 10-part online video course that will help you actually read more books.

Ebook and/or Audiobook Formats

Cost: $17

I’m not much of a video watcher, tis true, so I was interested that these are available. They’re add-ons, but, honestly, I think probably something I wouldn’t hesitate (because you can also reference back to an ebook in a way you can’t on a video…so if you think you might, this is a good thing to consider).

Reading Tracker Spreadsheet

Cost: $7 if you don’t purchase it as part of the bundle above with the ebook and audiobooks.

Seriously? Yes. Really.

But you know what I noticed? Back in 2006 when I started keeping a running list of the books I’d read, I started wanting to read more. And I started being intentional with my reading in a way I never had been before.

Convinced yet?

I don’t blame you if you’re not. I’ll be honest: when I first heard about this (I don’t even remember how long ago), I rolled my eyes and had a whole internal dialogue of one sentence:

“I’m already good at reading lots of books!”

Brandon’s advice, throughout this course, is straight on. Reading and retaining is a skill, and one that we need now more than ever.

Plus it can be LOTS OF FUN.

So whether you’re in or not, I’ve shared a great  if you think it will help a friend, be sure to tell them.

Now, I’m going to turn off the markety language and just tell you: yeah. Totally worth it.

***Yeah: that’s right, that’s an affiliate link. So when you click through and buy from me, I get a little kick back. That may just be what it takes for me to blog more. Or…not. In any event, it’s a product worth supporting or I wouldn’t be telling you about it. 🙂