I have a passion for pregnancy centers. You might recall that, after my book came out, I asked you to help me donate it to a number of centers around the United States.

chaunie brusie

When I heard about Chaunie Brusie’s big hairy goal, I was excited. And touched. And moved to take action.

Chaunie wants to make sure young moms facing unplanned pregnancies have hope and encouragement. That’s why she wrote her book.

It’s also why she wanted to share her book, Tiny Blue Lines. Her goal? Get it to ALL the pregnancy centers who attend the annual Heartbeat International Conference.

Like I said, it’s a big goal. But I think it’s one she can do…if we all pitch in. Will you be part of this initiative? Can you spare a few dollars to support young moms? Would you help spread the word?

I have a piece over at the Register today about it…and I’m pretty sure you’ll be hearing more from me about it. C’mon, folks, let’s make this happen!