If we want to understand Mother Teresa, to imitate her, and to follow in her footsteps on the path to holiness, intimacy with Our Lady is not something peripheral or secondary. As Mother Teresa herself experienced, Our Lady will begin to arrange the events and details of our life as soon as we give her permission. Our life then increasingly becomes an adventure of grace as she takes the reins of our existence and begins to exercise her spiritual maternity. When we live this daily encounter with Our Lady, trusting her in everything, she gradually integrates every aspect of our life, building it around the grace and mystery of her Son.

Joseph Langford, MC, in his book Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady

This quote makes me think of how I always have to plan and organize and put things together. My husband feels no such compunction. Oh, don’t get me wrong: he likes his ducks in a row. But he never has to have it all spelled out the way I do.

I’ve gotten more flexible since I’ve had children, but there’s still room for growth. Ahem.

Reading this made me picture Mary in the kitchen, with her hair pulled back and an apron (one with plenty of pockets). She’s busy doing what we moms do in the kitchen — dishes and cooking and setting the table and ten other things.

My life is one of those things, isn’t it?

So all I need to do is just sit back, huh? She’ll arrange it. She’s done this before. And she has a great Spouse.

How will that encounter of trusting Mary to organize things change my daily approach to life?

Well, let me make a list…

Photo by arellis49