Well happy Lent to you!

And it is, in fact, a happy day for me, because a week or so ago I had a chance to talk over the airwaves with someone who has been a huge influence on me as a Catholic wife and mom and as a Catholic writer and as a Catholic woman.

I was, in fact, interviewed by someone who I admire and love and toast, none other than Danielle Bean.

Girlfriends Episode 6 - Sarah Reinhard joins Danielle Bean

If you’re not already subscribed to the Girlfriends podcast, then let me put a long-overdue plug for it. I had to scale back on podcasts a while back, but this half-hour show is a dose of girlfriend-talk that most women I know really need.

Danielle has been working her way through the superstars of Catholic womanhood, but that’s not really the real draw for me. Whoever’s on the other end of the interview is going to be at ease and real. Danielle does what she does in her writing: she makes it fun and listenable and, doggone it, smileable.

(So why me? Well, she was apparently in need of someone who had a story so funny to share that someone out there will be sure to snort laugh)

And with that, back to your Lenten fun…