Just heard that Al Kresta is re-airing the interview this afternoon that I did with him a few weeks ago about Catholic apps.

You can listen live between 4-6 p.m. ET by clicking the LISTEN LIVE button in the right-hand corner of the Ave Maria Radio website.

In the interview, you’ll find out that:

1. I do not have a smartphone. (And I don’t really want one.)

2. I don’t have a device right now, either. (Thank you, Destructoboy.)

But yes, I am still an app-a-holic.

And because I am all about helping others to become Catholic app-a-holics too, here’s some lists and links of Catholic apps. I haven’t checked all of these out, mind you.

Here’s my article that ran in the OSV Newsweekly. It has a listing of all sorts of Catholic apps that I love. We talked about a few apps from this article:

I also mentioned these apps in our conversation:

Callers came in and had quite a great listing. Here’s what I gathered (if I missed any, let me know and I’ll add them!):

And if you’re looking for great places to find apps, be sure to check out:

I’d love to hear YOUR favorite Catholic apps, so share away in the comments. 🙂