1. Perspective on Earth Day

I’m not usually one to embed videos or even click on them, but…well, this is something worth seeing from CatholicVote.org:

The ad they’re talking about is up close here.

via Faith & Family Live

2. The psychology of hair

What is it with hair? I’ve wondered this before, but I keep coming back to it. Yesterday, I went and got an amazing haircut. It changed my perspective completely. Why is that? And does it really matter?

Yes, yes it does. At least right now for me.

Here’s the picture, in part because my husband isn’t here right now to see it for himself:

3. Crawfish boil

These words might mean nothing to you. They might even make you think of small critters that are best used for bait. But I assure you that, to me, these words are a beautiful thing. They represent the joy of social life in New Orleans and the best of local flavor. I haven’t actually ever been to one before, but I have this picture of them…the writer in me is just, well, rubbing her hands together.

Those of you who listen to “Mary in the Kitchen” on the Catholic Foodie show should be warned…I’m sure to find Mary at the crawfish boil! 🙂 (I call myself a Mary geek for a reason!)

4. Jazz Fest

Speaking of local flavor, today I’ll be at the New Orleans Jazz Fest. I sort of stumbled into this…and I’m strangely excited. This is not the sort of thing that’s in my repertoire. I like music, and I like food, so I don’t know why I’ve never been to a Jazz Fest before (unless it was pre-college days…I don’t remember!).

My sister-in-law is particularly excited about Lionel Richie. As for me and my always-hungry-to-avoid-the-nausea pregnant self, I’m pretty impressed at how much food I’ll be able to choose from!

5. The dirt pile

So the reason for all this fun in New Orleans is that, down here, every couple of years, you have to add dirt around your house. It has to do with living on sand.

(The Midwesterner in me has to take a moment to snort in disbelief.)

There’s this great dirt pile in front of my sister-in-law’s house that showed up right before we got back yesterday morning from our awesome haircuts. There’s also a Bobcat in the driveway. Tonight, my construction whiz brother-in-law and his wife arrive. After a day at Jazz Fest, we’re spending Saturday doing the Great Dirt Spreading Adventure. (I don’t know how much help I’ll be. But I will be taking pictures.)

6. Public toilets

And, in other news, potty training is going so well that I’m thinking of hiring my sister-in-law. There has been a bladder infection, a week away from Daddy, and at least one other complication, and

The only remaining challenge…public toilets. My two-year-old wants nothing to do with them. Yesterday at lunch in a local restaurant, she pooped on me. (Yes, you read that right.) I had to wrestle her onto the potty, but she made it clear where she stands on these things.

7. Jeans for the hard-to-fit

Can I just put in a plug for Lands End? I ordered jeans for my daughter after spending a horrifying morning wrangling her into something like ten pairs at a nearby store. I came home, measured her, and ordered a pair from Lands End. They arrived lickety-split, and though they won’t quite work, I was once again thrilled with the service and, this time, the ease of returns.

(We’re going to use a pair my niece has outgrown, which came from JC Penney. I’m not sure how soon I can handle another shopping trip with my hard-to-fit girl and her sidekick sister, even if I have an extra adult or two with me.)

Lesson learned: measure first, go through niece’s closet second, check Lands End next, go shopping as desperate last resort (and not without latte in hand and chocolate stashed in purse).

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