A Mary Moment Monday post

It was a special Christmas.  Our family, who lived 1500 miles away, was coming to visit, and our almost-three-year-old daughter was beside herself.  Santa took a back seat to her cousins, and with good reason.

We used the week together to make many memories and take hundreds of pictures.  I remember the look of wonder on my nine-year-old niece’s face as she sat at midnight Mass, up later than she had ever been allowed to be before, with incense in the air and lights everywhere.  I will savor the memory of how my two-month-old infant was cuddled by her faraway aunt and how my older niece bonded with her.  I’ll always remember how my younger niece and my older daughter clicked (and continue to click) and played each other to the very limit of their energies.

But the memory that continues to make me ponder, the one that I hold close to my heart and come back to, every so often, for inspiration and motivation, is the story of the snow.


My oldest niece (the nine-year-old) insisted that there must be snow for Christmas.  Her family moved to the South when she was in grade school, and she missed the snow as much as she missed her cousins.  Snow was something that just didn’t happen where she lived.  Her Christmas prayer was for snow.

Did she get the snow? And what does this have to do with Mary? (Hint: feast day TODAY.) Well, for those answers, and more, I’m sending you over to read the rest at Catholic Exchange.