I’ve been a fan of Dr. Ray Guarendi for quite a while, and finishing his most recent book, Marriage: Small Steps, Big Rewards, only made me love Dr. Ray more.

Here’s a book that I can give to any of the married couples I know. I have no doubt if, put into action, it will improve their marriage in tangible ways.

Marriage is one of those topics I hesitate to ever give advice on, but which I feel very strongly about. Not only is it the core of family life, but the experience of my own marriage has impacted me in ways I couldn’t have ever foreseen.

In Marriage: Small Steps, Big Rewards, Dr. Ray uses his humor and his experience to guide readers down a path that is, in theory at least, simple. You don’t have to carve out hours or send the kids to a sitter or even set aside lots of time to read.

This is a straightforward approach to the most important relationship you’ll have with another person. Dr. Ray uses common sense but doesn’t make you feel stupid about it. He suggests, for example, making a habit of using manners with your spouse. Saying “Please” and “Thank You” can make such an important difference in home life, and yet it’s something so many of us neglect to do (or forget, in the chaos of everyday life).

My favorite small step is one that I have always struggled with: “Dump the D Word.” This was the first chapter I read in the book, in fact, because I wondered just what in the world the D word was. It turns out it’s divorce. Why dump it? Well, I can’t spoil the book for you, but his reasoning is not only right on in my experience as the child of two divorces, but it dives into some underlying reasoning that I have never heard articulated.

There are ten small steps, and the total book is less than 150 pages. This is something you can do. It will be an investment that will yield returns for you far beyond the effort you expend. If you have a great marriage, pick up a copy of this book to read and then share with someone else.