We’re discussing Mary and the saints this month in the Mary Moments carnival, and I invited anyone without a blog (or who didn’t want to post on their own blog) to send me their submissions. This one is particularly interesting, sent to me by Valerie:

I recently read a book entitled “Mother Theresa In The Shadow of Our Lady.” It is about her mystical experiences with Our Lady and is written by Fr. Joseph Langford MC, the priest who worked with her for 30 years.

It is one of the most spiritually rich books that I have ever read on Our Lady. I would rate it right up there with True Devotion to Mary. Fr. Langford beautifully captures how Mother Theresa leaned on Our Lady for everything and taught her sisters to do so also. It was the secret of her sanctity and so should it be ours. I feel that it is a gift from the hands of Our Lady herself that will lead anyone who reads it into a deeper , more profound relationship with her. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Thanks, Valerie!