It’s my second-to-last post at Faith & Family Live today, and the topic is one that’s dear to my heart. Oh wait, they’re all dear to my heart! Well, today the topic is Mary in the home. Will you come over and join us?

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find there:

I imagine my soul as a house that Mary makes into a home for her Son. It’s drafty and dirty and in need of a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes there’s a recurring sin that gnaws away like termites, slow and steady, almost invisible. Sometimes there’s a dilemma that requires a huge investment of money and lots of time to repair. Sometimes there’s a strange smell that means something died under the floorboards.

In this house of my soul, Mary’s the one bringing in daisies and peonies. Since I don’t have any fancy vases, she puts them in plastic cups, but the humble cups are transformed by the simple act of putting flowers in them. They’re changed into something beautiful.

She inspires me, with that little act of beauty. She gives me the courage to look past the dust bunnies and piles of junk, to see the beauty that’s possible, even in me.

Come on over!