A Mary Moment Monday post

It’s one of those weeks when there’s a lot going on and I’m feeling the weight of it all. It’s not just that there’s Thanksgiving: we’re staying home and just doing “us” this year, so I can’t pretend there’s pressure there. It’s not just the earlier deadline with the parish bulletin or the appointments this week or the gift shipping that needs done or the Advent preparation or the fact that I could drop a baby any minute.

In fact, it’s not any one thing. It’s the combination of them all together.

And so, this week, I’m looking for Mary even more than usual. Whether I get my rosaries finished each day or not, I’m going to make sure I sit down and hold her hand for at least a decade at a time. I’m going to keep myself from zipping and zooming and take one step at a time, complete one thing at a time, and leave the rest in God’s lap.

Mary must understand this craziness…despite the differences in time and space, she must have faced the same need for space, for quiet, for communion with God. I invite you to join me — there’s plenty of room in Mary’s lap, you know. 🙂