A Mary Moment Monday post

I’m sure the Blessed Mother took breaks. I’m sure she paced herself, didn’t overload on work, remembered her priorities.

Oh, that I should be so inclined.

Actually, this week, I am.

Thanks to a tremendous outpouring of (unexpected!) interest in my call for summer-related guest postings, I have a week’s worth of fun stuff to share…which is already in the pipeline. My promise to myself is that, this week, I’m taking a little vacation from the blog. I’m sure I won’t be able to keep myself from Twitter and Facebook (at least with the mobile updates), but around here, it won’t be my voice you’ll hear (though I promise the voices you do hear are good, wise, and worthy of your attention).

One of the things I’m working on this week is a short piece on what I love about Mary, for one of my favorite podcasts, Among Women. Pat said she was going to do another special show about Mary with listener contributions all woven together, and I know I have to contribute. Because, you know, I LOVE Mary.

Pat emailed me the other day, when I wrote her to say I wasn’t sure I was going to make it in time (there are three weeks til her deadline; what was I THINKING?), and told me she was discouraged by the lack of participation so far.

So can you join me? I know at least some of YOU love Mary too, and you don’t have to be eloquent or fancy. Just call Pat at her voice mail feedback line (206-338-6077) or email her at amongwomenpodcast@me.com, and tell her what you love about Mary. Then kick back, and prepare yourself for the bouquet she’ll pull together. It will smell sweeter knowing that you contributed.

(Don’t worry, Mommy Mary loves dandelions and violets just as much as any mother. So if you feel not worthy enough, it probably means you should contribute even more! Please?)

Mary was probably quite a gardener, don’t you think? My latest feature at Faith & Family Live considers Mary as a gardener and shares a brief history of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, whose feast is celebrated later this week, on Friday the 16th. Join me there, won’t you?