A Mary Moment Monday post

mary in the unexpected

She’s there, though I don’t expect to find her.

A pile of poop in the corner. A stumble over laundry baskets. A surge of anger.

The silence of early morning. The brilliance of the sunset. The soft hair that brushes my face.

I find her in more and more places, whether I’m looking or not. She’s there, so often right beside me, her hand in mind.

I can look back, and there she is. How did I not see her? Or did I? Was I ignoring her?

It’s hilarious in many ways, how Mary is such a part of my life. It almost makes me roll my eyes, except that it’s such an integral part of my life that I can’t deny it. (I’m still rolling my eyes. That’s also part of who I am.)

She’s there by me as I brew my coffee in the morning, as I fold laundry, as I juggle kids. She’s there as I fill cups, wash dishes, tap out words on my computer. She’s there as I organize my lists, struggle to stay on-task, meet with various colleagues and friends.

She challenges me to turn to her Son. She beckons me to higher standards. She reminds me of what my priorities really are.

It is because of Mary and my increasing awareness of her and appreciation for her that I have come to understand what motherhood really is, what it stands for, what it strives to be, where it can take us.

And how unexpected to find her in my email this morning:

{If you can’t see the embedded trailer, check it out online here.}

This is the kind of movie I want to see. It’s Marian in a visceral way, in a way that’s not “here’s how Our Lady magically appeared,” but more of an “in real life” sort of way.

Just watching the trailer made me think of all the ways I call on Mary through my days.

They need $7,000 to finish the film, and they have $2,480 of it so far. If you can spare some change ($1?) or more ($20?), I think this is something well worth your money.

And who knows where else I’ll find Mary today…