I had a post all ready to go. The problem is that it hasn’t yet made it to the screen and it won’t, at least not today.

(You’ll have blogging days like that, right? For that matter, you’ll have blogging weeks like that!)

So for Mary Moment Monday, I’m going to send you to my recent column at Faith & Family Live, which is a reflection on the Annunciation. We celebrated that feast on Friday (don’t you just LOVE feasts that fall on Fridays of Lent?), but it’s one that I carry with me in a special way.

Because saying Yes in the right spirit is hard.

How often, I wondered to myself as I pondered his question, do I fail to distinguish between the voice of God and the voice of Sarah? How often do I give God “credit” for the desires of my heart, the ones that don’t really benefit anyone, myself included?

When’s the last time I told God Yes?

You’ll find it in its entirety over at Faith & Family Live.