Mondays have been a special Mary day for me for quite a while, most of the year, in fact, because that’s when my columns at Today’s Catholic Woman are usually live.

There’s something about starting my week with Mary. I’ve never been a hater of Mondays the way most of the world seems to be; for me, Tuesdays are the rougher day of the week, the day where the fan blowing smelly stuff starts messing up my workspace.
mary miraculous medal
But still, there’s something about waking up on Monday knowing that I’ll be posting about her, that I’m sharing her and learning from her again.  Sometimes — often times — I read these words I’ve written weeks later and wonder just who in the world came up with the insight…I assure you, it wasn’t me.  Or it wasn’t the me I am today…it wasn’t the Sarah who stares at the computer screen, worrying about the usual trivial assortment of stuff.

Yesterday, on a day that’s special for me for six years’ worth of good reasons, Advent started.  I’ve been thinking of and reflecting on Advent for nearly a month now, but I’d be lying if I told you that I was ready.  My Advent wreaths are still packed away in the attic (I know right where they are, though!) and the Jesse tree ornaments aren’t quite finished…and the Jesse tree?  Um, there isn’t one just yet.

I could blame being sick this weekend.  I could blame being a little extra busy with a sudden decision to move, made this weekend by a close family member.  I could blame any number of things.

But reallyI’ve known about Advent coming. That’s why I’ve been organizing my gift lists and crossing things off for so long.  That’s why I’ve been, well, reflecting on it.

So on this Monday, as I spend yet another few moments with Mary (in what I’ve dubbed a “Mary Moment Monday” here and what I have pitched as “Mary Mondays” to the fine folks at Faith & Family Live), I guess I’ll start the week as a freshly wiped kitchen table.  I’ll sit down, smelling the faint soapy smell in the air, and light a candle.  As I sit there, I’ll reach across the table and take Mary’s hand.

She’ll lead me to Him.  I don’t have to worry about a thing.

More along these lines, about preparing for Advent with Mary, is over at Faith & Family Live today in my latest feature: Waiting and Preparation: Spend Advent with Mary this Year.

If you want to hear some sappy stuff (well, it’s not that sappy) about my love notes to my husband (and how I picture the Miraculous Medal as a love note from God), you can hop on over to Today’s Catholic Woman for my piece this week on Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

And, if you’re still around after all that, let me recommend Creighton University’s Praying Advent for its articles, its reflections, and its daily ways of making Advent hope an experience that leads to Christmas joy.