OK, so before I send you over to Integrated Catholic Life to read my piece on Mary as a parent and how I relate to her, I wanted to share this:

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He’s a bad guy librarian.

That is all.

If you want a taste of what’s over at Integrated Catholic Life, here you go:

My understanding and devotion to Mary really ripened when I had my first daughter.  I remember lying there in the hospital, the newborn sleeping in her little contraption, and taking up my rosary.  The mysteries that day were the Joyful Mysteries, and as I prayed them, using a little meditation book, I started crying.

I had never thought before about what it meant that Mary gave birth in a stable.  I had never actually pictured what that would have meant.  I’m sure birthing in general was a much different thing 2000 years ago, but even so, giving birth in a stable, with animals looking on and straw under your feet…well, that was a far cry from what I had experienced in the birthing center of my local hospital.