This is part of my adventure in giving my monthly resolutions focus a yearly focus. You can read all of my resolution posts here (scroll down for older posts).

Mental Focus: Clearing the clutter through home organization
We have a handy covered porch that’s home to our big freezer, the close-to-the-house wood, and a lot of other junk. I’m going to be clearing out that junk this month, and while I’m at it, I think I’ll persuade my Prince Charming to help me with the flower beds and landscaping, because dandelions, while a favorite of mine, aren’t part of the plan. Maybe weeding and mulching sound more physical than mental, but I assure you, in my world, Dirt Therapy is very much mental. 🙂

Physical Focus: Getting off my duff
I’ve been slacking on this, but as I shared a while back, I’ve given myself permission to put this away for the time being. Yes, it’s important. I know that without a doubt. But I can’t handle it right now…and so I’m pausing it…maybe even until next year. That said, May is a great month for getting outside, and I’ll be doing that. (It will just lack focus. *sigh*)

Spiritual Focus: Staying focused in my prayer life
It’s all about silence, but this month, I’m going to work on my focus as well. Sometimes, in the life of a mom of young children, silence doesn’t come at the designated times. Just this week, I’ve had my classroom of silence at 4 AM holding a fussy toddler and at 9 PM soothing a restless preschooler. In that silence, I need to remember to pray. Someone out there needs it, and so do I!