I just love May. I think I always have. What’s not to love? The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, the days are longer. I can hang my laundry on the line and put blooms picked by small hands into glasses all over the kitchen. I may start some dirt therapy in the garden, or I may just grab a chair while the kids dirty themselves in the fresh air.

It’s a month of possibilities. It’s a month of sun and breeze and smiling.

And, best yet, it’s the month of Mary!

What does that mean, though? Well, just as we have a day for our mothers next Sunday, where we honor them and remember their special role in our lives, so the Church has set aside this entire month for us to ponder Mary, or just remember her in some small way. Some years, I’m doing well to say a little “Thanks, Mom” every couple of days. Other years, I say a special novena or commemorate the month in some tangible way.

Just as Mothers Day celebrations vary from year to year and family to family, how we see May as Mary’s month will vary. Some parishes have a May Crowning and some families will make special May altars. There’s nothing set in stone, nothing required, nothing saying you have to do anything at all.

Maybe the most appropriate way to honor Mary this month is by remembering your relationship with her Son and working to make it better. Mary, after all, is always leading us back to Him.

Over at Faith & Family Live today, I share some of my favorite Marian feasts this month and at CatholicMom.com there’s a Mary giveaway that is just plain awesome.

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