Is there anything better than the sound of a toddler giggling? She giggles with abandon, throwing her head back, and asking for “more” if the giggling was inspired by tickling. We can make faces, we can make silly noises, we can chase her…she’ll laugh. And it’s music to my ears.


On the other hand, few things are as frustrating as the word “fine” said in just the right tone of voice. My four-year-old has discovered that tone of voice. I’m fine-tuning the strategies for dealing with it. Putting my fingers in my ears and singing “la, la, la, I can’t hear you,” while appealing, doesn’t seem like quite the right approach…


Last week, when we were at my brother’s, I discovered his old Picture Bible. And, being the great guy he is, he gave it to us! I can’t find it online, but it’s published by David Cook Publishing and this looks a lot like it. I remember my dad reading it to me when I was very young, and my four-year-old has been begging for it every night at story time (and through the day too).

Updated: after some more extensive searching, here it is. The same one, I think. Anyone know if there’s a Catholic version that includes the great Old Testament stories of Tobit and Maccabees? I’d love to see one!


In Toddlerspeak, swing is “whee.” In Toddlerworld, we can’t do enough wheeing.


Know any good “Knock, Knock” jokes? My four-year-old has been amusing me with them for quite a while, but now that my toddler is adding words daily, she’s picked up “Knock, Knock.” She says them with a demanding air and will increase her volume until someone responds. We usually can’t understand what she says next, but it always cracks her up. See #1.


My four-year-old’s favorite game, replacing “House,” is “School.” In this game, I am Mrs. Reinhard and she is a variety of students. She changes her voice and everything. Oh, and she tells me what we’re doing next. She thinks it’s great fun.


In a conversation about homeschooling this week, one of the friends who inspired me to learn more about it many moons ago shared this link to The Latin-Centered Curriculum with me. Anyone out there using it? I haven’t had a chance to do thorough research on this program, but my friend is as excited as I have ever seen her. I’m intrigued.

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