In honor of this, the holy week of the Big Game (against The Team Up North, for those of you who don’t live and die by the Holy Orders of Buckeye Football), I thought – too late – that it might be nice to post about my memories of my days at Ohio State. It seems that when I post about my memories, ya’all enjoy it. You seem to eat them up. It makes me feel like my childhood was interesting. But, as I started pecking away at my keyboard, I realized that the very things that make my childhood interesting to you don’t apply to my days at Ohio State. Drunkenness and carousing aren’t very inspiring, at least not to most of the folks who frequent this site. Tales of my hoarseness after football games won’t last long, because they segued into drunkenness and carousing. (I’m not proud of that. It’s just a fact of what my college days involved.)

I may attempt some Ohio State reflections…but it probably won’t be this week. It turns out that while I can whip out stories about the camp, and my dog, and my tree house without much more than a few days and a cup o joe, those Ohio State reflections are going to take extra editing time.

(So, I now notice as I look back over what I have just written, I have a post here that says nothing, don’t I?)

In honor of Michigan Week, let’s hear a rousing GO BUCKS!

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