My husband and I sometimes find that the only conversation we have through the week is the one we have on the dry erase board in his bathroom. (Yes, it’s in the bathroom. I’m no longer embarrassed by that fact, because the reality of our life is that the bathroom is the room in the house that we both share during awake hours (though not at the same time!).) We’re on our third or fourth board, and it’s the best money we’ve spent.

Lately, my four-year-old has noticed the writing back and forth and she’s started contributing. She’ll draw a picture for Daddy, and Daddy puts a picture at the bottom of his morning note to me. This morning’s picture by Daddy was of a fish in a stream, with cattails. (I should have taken a picture; it was lovely!)

Miss Muffet’s reply was just as lovely:

Dear Daddy,

I hope you like going fishing with me. I love you very much. The sky is pretty. I know what you have in mind: going fishing in the summer. I have a green bracelet on; it’s Grammy’s and she let me borrow it.


Then she drew a smiley face. If I know my husband, he will copy this down on notebook paper and save it for later…you know, that time in the not-so-distant future when our four-year-old artist will have better things to do than leave us notes. (I’m thinking I should institute a notebook instead of a dry erase board…though he and I prefer the dry erase board and she’s not likely to do something different.)