My first reaction, when my eyes opened to the small face inches from mine at 3 AM, was to groan inwardly. “I just want to sleep!” I didn’t revel in the bright “Hi Mommy!” nor the pert little wave she gave me as I sat up. I plodded up the stairs to get her back to sleep.

But she was awake. Mommy, lay down. Share blankie.” Well, there was appeal in that, because I was tired.

And laying there, her soft hair against my face as she curled into me, I thought of how fleeting this moment of childhood is. She wanted me there with her. She turned to me for comfort. She delighted in my presence. And while remnants of this may last, she will not be this small much longer. In a few months, she’ll go from being my baby to being my big girl, from my only to my oldest, from Babby-girl to Big Sister. We await the new moments ahead, but I must remember to savor these little 3 AM gifts of cuddling and holding while they last.