Everyone needs some fancy in their lives, and in Moonbeam Dreams, by Gina Browning, my girls and I cuddled up and found it.

With delightful rhyme and engaging illustrations, Browning captures readers — whether you’re the adult who gets to narrate or the child who gets to experience the telling.

The colors jump off the page and the words flow between them, making poetry something that’s experienced with multiple senses.

What does happen when you dream?  Where do you go?

More importantly, what could happen?

There’s adventure in considering our dreams. I’ve come to appreciate the importance of dreams — waking dreams and sleeping dreams.  On the one hand, we have a sort of motivation, and on the other, a refueling.

From mermaids to butterflies, under the sea to over the moon, Moonbeam Dreams awakens and nurtures the most beautiful part of childhood.

I can’t wait until the next time I get to read this book to my girls.  There’s no danger of this book getting given away, except as a new copy, purchased as a gift.  🙂

Read more about this book, the author, and the virtual book tour this month at Pump Up Your Books, who kindly provided me with the opportunity to receive this book.