From Jane, who I asked you to pray for in a post last week:

A year ago, I happily wrote to all of you that we had the priviledge of welcoming Alex into our homes and our hearts for a time. We cherished every minute with that sweet boy-his love, his joy in life, and his sparkle. On Friday, March 13, the agency moved him to live with his great aunt and great uncle who do not want any contact with us. While we are devastated that we have “lost” this little boy we called our son and felt called to adopt, we also trust that the Lord will watch over him and provide for all of his needs. Please join us in that prayer that Alex’s transition is as easy as it can be for his needs. Brian is coping with this transition well so far, and Alex gave us all the best goodbye present ever-he took his first steps in that final hour in our home. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD.
Love, Matt and Jane

Please keep this family in your prayers. I can only imagine the grief Jane feels.