Outside my window
It’s gray and, from the feel of the house, it’s cold. (Though I won’t be calling it cold in a few months, true.)
In my thoughts
Health and books and prayer and Christmas lists and weekend schedules
In thanksgiving
For a Date Afternoon on Saturday
For a long-overdue visit with friends on Friday
For a husband who can fix just about anything
For spontaneous hugs and being told I’m the best mom
For the plenty that’s all around us
Kitchen meanderings
We’ll be meandering with a busy, juggling week. Hanging up the weekly menu is really helping take the pressure off of me through the week.
Going places
We are going places in a few weeks, for Thanksgiving. And I have realized that I’d better get cracking on planning for that. So, this week, that’s the big to-do!
Nose inserted
Parents and Children, by Charlotte Mason
There is quite a pile to be read, and since I finished two books yesterday, I’m going to start one of those. Yippee!
Movin’ and shakin’
We’re at a standstill. Literally. I need to rethink this. So let’s just say that I’m still wearing the step counter and recording the steps (even if they aren’t many). It’s a “when” thing and a “how” thing at this point. I know “what” (must get exercising!) and “why” (sedentary is only good on paper!) and “who” (me!). Maybe I’ll be inspired this week. Maybe not. I’ll just keep plugging along and pray for inspiration! 🙂
A favorite thing
Twitter – have you noticed? 🙂
Worth a thousand words
“A beautiful garden,” by Resident Artist and Three-Year-Old