So I *am* a Catholic Hipster, and here’s proof: I was on the Catholic Hipster Podcast with THE Catholic Hipsters, Tommy “Catholic HipsterHipster” Tighe and Sarah “Catholic Drinkie” Vabulas!

Catholic Hipster Podcast logo

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We did some serious name dropping, talked about my upcoming book (which Sarah Vabs contributed to), and, in general, had fun. Vabs and I go waaaay back, and Tommy has a way of fitting right in.

If I was ever going to do a podcast, I’d want to do this kind of podcast.

Things to listen for:

  • Name dropping: Lisa Hendey, Maria Johnson, Lino Rulli, Jennifer Fulwiler, and maybe some others.
  • Things we do to entertain our children, including things that make body noises.
  • The answer to “how am I sleeping?”
  • How far back do Sarah and Sarah go? Well, Tommy can only be jeallllousss…
  • Children in the background: mine. No extra charge.

This whole adventure has me thinking about podcasting in a whole new way. But really, I’d rather crash other people’s podcasts than have my own… (If I seem worried, it’s because I’ve seen this writing on the wall before…)