On Friday, I outlined my Lenten reading plan.


On Sunday, I read Cultivating God’s Garden through Lent┬áby Margaret Rose Realy and my Lenten reading plan changed.


I didn’t intend to read it all in one day, but it was one of those Sundays where I had both the time and the inclination.

And the book pulled me through. It’s filled with images that make me feel dirt under my fingers, with descriptions that make me scrunch my nose at the waft of fragrance, and with experiences that make me feel the sun on my back.

Realy’s relating to God through nature and creation spoke to my farm girl sensibilities. She reached through the distance between page and reader and pulled me into spring. She made me consider Lent as a time of growth in the very best ways.

I’ll be rereading┬áthis book during Lent. I’ll be sharing it with a few of my favorite fellow gardeners.

And, better yet, I think I’ll be traveling through Lent with that lovely feeling of having done good work well.