My rosary, especially of late, is my life vest. When I can do nothing else, I can pray my rosary. I start out my day with it, not because I’m super holy or extra pious, but because I have to in order to make it through my day. It’s what keeps me afloat.

In my latest column at, “The Calm of the Rosary,” I use an image that fits my week so well. So often, my daughters will come up to me, especially when they’re tired, or hurt, or frustrated, and just lay their head on my shoulder. And, while I pray the rosary, or even after it’s done and late in the day and I’m just plumb tuckered out,

And, strangely related in a way that we could call coincidence if we believed in that sort of thing, this book was on my doorstep this afternoon. So much for my plans for the weekend. 🙂