Just because Jen did this writing space link-up three days ago (or was it four?) isn’t stopping me from participating late.

Here’s where I write:

It’s the far end of my kitchen counter, the dividing bar between our family room and kitchen.

To my left is my kitchen sink, with the great window view that’s the header of my blog:

Often, one of my girls will color or play horses while I laptop away. Here’s the view from the family room facing in:

Behind me is our table:

Sometimes, I turn my laptop so that I’m sitting at the bar, instead of standing at the bar. It really depends on the time of day and what I’m working on.

I tried to use an office set-up, but it just didn’t work. My kids would follow me, and locking the door didn’t really work either. They totally ignore me if I’m out here working in the middle of the action. That room’s being repurposed as a study, where we’ll go for quiet time or prayer or things that need to not be in the middle of the action. (Math homework comes right to mind.)

Here’s the in-progress peek at that room:

I have a friend who has promised to help me decorate the white walls. I have some great horse stuff, some religious art ideas, some favorite “stuff,” and some family pictures I want to hang. We’ll be including a table in this room, and in the corner, I have a favorite rocking chair and plan to move my morning prayer to this room as well.

Now, pardon me while I go explore the other writing spaces!