(Subtitled “Things You Won’t Hear Me Saying This Year”)

“Sure, honey, you can eat all the chocolate.”

“Coffee? Never drink the stuff.”

“Um, no, we don’t have any Chips Ahoy or Nutter Butters in the house.” (At least, I won’t be saying this in a well-ordered universe…)

“I’d LOVE to go to the store!”

“Shopping? Sounds like a great way to spend time.”

“Man, I wish I’d never had those kids.”

“I think I’ll spend the day offline.” (OK, maybe I will say that one every once in a while, but it might just kill me…)

“It doesn’t matter if we’re late.” (Though, admittedly, I’m waaaay more laid back about this one than I’ve ever been.)

“No, we don’t need a picture of that.” (OK, there are some exceptions to this one too, though I’m more likely to take the picture and delete it…)

“Oh dear, I haven’t blogged in days!”

“Oh look, my blogroll’s shrinking!”

“Hmm, which blog should I read first? I seem to be all caught up!”