Leave it to Mommy. I forgot all about asking her to make me an apron. I have been oogling the delights over that Kitchen Madonna puts together, and eying that sewing machine that I’ve never even fired up to try (but I don’t have any fabric, or any of the other gadgets it requires – like thread and…well what else does it require?). But I have not done anything about it. Except for that comment I made to my mommy – I don’t even remember how long ago now! – that I would love for her to make me an apron. (She was delighted. Shocked, and delighted.)

Yesterday, the FedEx man came and dropped off an inconspicuous box. I knew there were goodies for the Granddaughter, but was not expecting anything for myself (even though Mom said she had something in there for me – I was thinking it would be something inconsequential or something to pamper myself with, a trinket or some lotion).

Lo and behold, underneath a few goodies for she-who-eats-goldfish-for-breakfast, two patches of material that, when I pulled them out, revealed them to be matching aprons! So, in a rare burst of needing to have my picture taken (and by rare I mean that it never happens), I posed with my matching kitchen assistant in our new aprons.

And that hook in my kitchen has just been waiting for an apron to display. Now it has two.

Thanks, Mom!