Today is my favorite liturgical day of the year (Holy Thursday, not April Fools), but also one of the hardest for me in practice. It doesn’t have to be; I could say No to having my feet washed at tonight’s Mass. The thing is, I wouldn’t be changed in the same way; I wouldn’t have the same opportunity for grace; I wouldn’t have the ongoing moment of inspiration.

Good Friday should be the hardest, I suppose, or maybe the long wait of Holy Saturday, knowing Jesus is in the tomb. But, for me, today is the hardest, in that moment when my freshly washed foot is kissed, when I see the hint of tears in a beloved face, when I come closer to the real person of Christ.

Seeing Jesus on the cross, bleeding and gasping, isn’t as real as having Him hold my foot. Knowing He’s dying for me, that He loves me that much, isn’t as heart-rending as the action of service.

In many ways, my faith is immature, unprepared, not ready for the harsh reality of Good Friday. Often, I just don’t feel up to the challenge of sitting beside the grave, knowing that I’m part of the reason He’s there, but that He loves me anyway.

Tonight begins the Triduum. Lent is over. The feast of Easter is within sight. No foolin.

In other news:

Owing to the lack of distinction in behavior by the human race on April 1st as versus any other day, April 1st has been canceled.  When reached for comment, the month April said, “Hey, there are fools 365 days around, not just today and I for one am tired of being portrayed as having a monopoly on idiocy.  I have opening day and Easter most of the time and Spring and still what do I get tagged with?  Tax day, rain and stupid tricks that are the mental equivalent of knock knock jokes.”

May your Holy Thursday be filled with many blessings and much peace (and a laugh or two for good measure).

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