Remember our chickens? They’re not so much cute little chicks anymore…they are officially pullets (young hens who have not yet laid eggs). Today, I thought I’d introduce you to them, along with my husband’s naming system. (The girls haven’t really shown an interest in naming them, and though my nieces did, I can’t remember the names they picked.)

RIP, Little Guy

We had a chicken fatality a few weeks ago, when the dog dashed into the coop, so we here bid fair travels to our cute little Bantam (it was the one from the unsexed run, and we hadn’t determined if it was a rooster or hen when the dog claimed it). I always thought this was the prettiest of the chickens: its feathers were black and white and it was half as big as the others. Ah, well.

I wish I had gotten a better picture of it, but my favorite cool chicken website (Seriously! There IS such a thing!) didn’t have a good one either.

White (aka MJ)

My husband calls this hen “White,” but my niece, “Junie” to the public, named her “Junior” after hearing my colorful tales of the hen’s enthusiasm for wasps. MJ (my niece’s real name begins with an M). I’m not sure what breed she is for sure (we probably should have paid attention to that when we were at TSC, huh?).

Red #1

She’s one of our two Rhode Island Reds. And she has also endeared herself to me with her love for killing and eating wasps.

You might notice that behind her, there’s another Rhode Island Red…

Red #2

She has the same wasp-killing instinct as the previous two. Hard not to have a HUGE love for these three hens.

Black #1

We have two Australorp hens. They don’t seem to have the interest in insects (specifically wasps) as our other three.

I still like them, though.

Black #2

I picked the Australorps out, so maybe I have a higher investment in them than I should.

Then again, seeing them roost on the edge of the box, before we had the coop ready for them, was pretty hilarious.

Not Exactly a Chicken…

…but you don’t care, right? 🙂

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