If you’re looking for An Atheist and a Catholic, we’ll be back next week.

But to keep you entertained, I bring you…

— 1 —

Brittany and I got a new picture:


And yes, we have matching shirts. With a logo she designed:

atheist and catholic lobo

So yeah, she’s a Ph.D. But I’m a big fan of her art, myself (she’s done drawings for both of my girls and I may or may not be plotting how to keep them forever…).

— 2 —


Hard to believe, but the Year of Faith is coming to a close. I guess that means the My Year of Faith website will…stop? I’m sort of bummed. But not before I share this:

During the month of November, as we celebrate the final days of the Year of Faith, we’d like to feature stories from YOU about the blessings and fruits you’ve experienced during this year.  How did you celebrate?  What did you do to grow in faith?  How did your relationship with Christ and His Church deepen?

Send your stories and reflections to myyearoffaith@gmail.com along with your contact information, and your reflection could be featured on their blog in November!

Submissions should be under 500 words; deadline for submissions is October 31.

— 3 —

After all that griping earlier in the week, I found my Kindle. (In a way and spot that warrant their own post.)

And that means I had to stop everything to finish Simcha’s book:


It was awesome. Short review: GO GET A COPY RIGHT NOW AND READ IT.

(Something more substantial next week.)

— 4 —

For the rest of the month I’m covering for Lisa Hendey at CatholicMom.com while she’s off in Rwanda.

CatholicMom-color copy

And I am gaining all kinds of new respect for her as I cover her “day job.” Holy smokes, Batman. Truly humbling and amazing and A LOT, all at once.

Join me, wouldja, in saying a prayer or three for her safe travels? And mosey on over to CatholicMom.com if you haven’t been there lately. There is a LOT of good stuff over there!

— 5 —

Speaking of CatholicMom.com, we’re trying to get Small Success Thursdays rolling again. This time, it’s new and shiny with a linky-do at the end. (I’m going to start begging someone to design a logo, but one thing at a time.)

You list three things you are grateful for this week: victories over minutia, victories over the big stuff, blessings which you have received which reveal the breathing presence of God’s grace in your life.

“Back in the day” (pause for a small sob at the “passing” of Faith & Family Live), I used to post regularly. And then…not so much. There is something incredibly rewarding about this practice, and there’s something heartening about the encouragement of a community. So whether you blog or just leave comments, consider joining in.

— 6 —

Of the charisms I most appreciate in other people, I consider my best friend’s “making of whoopie pies” to be among the best:

whoopie pies

And, for those of you who wonder how I do it all and what it’s like to juggle the things in my life, I got a lot done the other day when I only had one kid at home. And this is part of what that looked like:

mom getting things done

Lucky for him, he’s darn cute:


— 7 —

While I’m not going to be hosting any book giveaways here for a few weeks, be sure to watch what’s going on over at CatholicMom.com. There’s still time to enter this week’s for one of the great new releases from Our Sunday Visitor!


And if you don’t read this until after it’s too late to enter, here’s a glimpse at the next week’s giveaway:


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