We really forget, sometimes, just what “conversation with God” is all about. It means that our prayers are important, however small they may seem to us. It means that God is interested in our day-to-day issues, in the mundane struggles, in the hurdles of just living. It means that we should take everything to him.

I talked to someone yesterday who warmed my heart with a story of a miracle in her life. Her cat was dying, and her oldest daughter was away on a class trip. She couldn’t make it to her Adoration hour, so she called her Adoration partner, made sure they would be there, and then requested prayers. With her youngest daughter, she bid farewell to her cat, crying and snuggling, and coaxing the cat to wait for the other daughter, so she could say goodbye.

The time came to go pick up the oldest daughter, so D. and her younger daughter left. When they got home, quite a teary group, the cat was waiting at the door. They just knew she was waiting to say goodbye to the oldest daughter. The evening was spent in more tears, but then, a miracle.

In the middle of the night, the cat showed signs of life that had been absent for a while. She was hungry, she was talkative, she was purring and snuggling back. In the morning, she wolfed down everything she could get.

The cat was cured. Today, though they know she’s an old cat, the family is savoring every moment with the feline member of their family.

So I ask you, if God can stop to cure a cat, how much more must he be willing to do? Why do we limit ourselves with our prayers? Why do we even hesitate to just lay it there with God? He loves us, and that includes all the “special features” and extra baggage. He loves us for just who we are.