The Small Steps Blog Tour is starting today. I’m not part of the tour, but I’m in the background of it, and that’s why I can’t resist sharing it here.

Today, Lisa Schmidt is the hostess with the mostest. Talk about a kickoff worthy of some cheering…here ya go.

catholicmom books copy

And over at, we have a “Five Minutes Alone” contest going on throughout the tour. Go on over and enter. You could win a full set of signed books.

Small Steps for Catholic Moms is a great book. And this tour? Maybe one of the best (yeah, I’m biased). What mom doesn’t need five minutes to pause in her day, to breathe, to have a girlfriend pass a warm cup of love her way?

Lisa’s giving away a copy of the book as she kicks off the tour, and she says a lot of good and relevant things about Small Steps, in case you had any doubts about it…

In other news…


I meant to do an entire post today about the upcoming Light the Night walk. As it turns out, I’m in the top 50 fundraisers for the Central Ohio area. THANK YOU!

I actually increased my goal, thanks to your generosity, and now I’m aiming for $1000.

I’m walking with Brittany, and she’s the team captain. As it turns out, the two of us are really thrilled with the response we’ve gotten from this audience (you guys), and we thank you for that.

Today, I’m here to ask two things.

1. Can I pray for for you?

I’m going to write down all these intentions, and the walk will be, for me, a prayer walk. I’ll be praying for the soul of my grandmother, who died recently due to a very fast-acting bout of lymphoma, and tapping into the patrons who seem to have just jumped in to walk with me.

2. Will you pray for the walk?

Yes, I’d like a donation. (Really, I would.) But I think what’s more important is uniting ourselves behind this in a more eternal way. So could you please keep this in your daily intentions? The walk is October 12, the day before Pope Francis consecrates the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And there’s the 40 Days for Life. No shortage of things to pray for. Lump ’em together: God knows. Let’s storm heaven.

And if you’re able to make a donation, whatever amount, here’s the link to do that.

This Week’s Interviews

Because that’s been my Mondays of late: interviews.

This week, I had a few words with the very delightful Catholic hipster, Edmund Mitchell for my Catholic Blogger series at

And over at Integrated Catholic Life, I’m yakkin’ it up with Elizabeth Foss. Again. Yes, if you’re counting, that’s THREE–count ’em, THREE!–interviews I’ve done with her recently. I’m pretty much walking on clouds. 🙂