When Michelle Buckman wrote and mentioned that her 2010 novel Death Panels was going to be on sale for 99-cents, I didn’t even take a breath before I said HECK YES, send me something about it. What she sent is pretty entertaining…I read this book years ago and it’s still a vivid experience in my mind. You won’t want to miss it! – Sarah

DEATH PANELS, a Novel of Life, Liberty, and Faith

He turned to the newborn, his fingers almost touching the dark fluff of hair, but he resisted and busied himself with removing his protective wear. “As long as you’re sticking around, you can dispose of it.”

cover-death panels

Christians: Where Do We Go from Here?

By Michelle Buckman

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~ Edmund Burke

Evil is triumphing because good men didn’t do anything. No one would listen in 1994.

Government controlled healthcare has resulted in almost all healthcare providers being hooked into huge corporate conglomerates.

Homosexual marriage is not only valid, but forcing Christians to participate through their businesses.

Baby parts are being sold for big profit.

Transgenderism—where is that headed?

And at the root of it all, Christianity being attacked and systematically destroyed, or at the very least, stymied. Anything Christians speak against is railed at as being racism or bigotry, while every other religion is given free reign. Tolerance is only for the immoral.

The pathway to this free-for-all was visible in the ’90s for those willing to stop, look, and listen.

Back then (1996), there was a push for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). People acted like it was no big deal. Why, they asked, do we need to defend marriage? It’s been around since the beginning of time? What’s to defend?

Back then, no one was challenged for being Christian. Transgenderism was an odd mental condition that few people even pondered; the actual physical condition of people being born with more than one set of genitals so rare that it was an anomaly, and certain not something discussed in daily conversations.

Back then, the one issue that was being discussed was abortion, legalized twenty years earlier and growing in numbers as the agenda was pushed in schools and every forum possible as being for the safety and benefit of women, to protect girls from suffering back-alley procedures and from the mental stress of raising unwanted children.

I was a young mother at the time, very attuned to the political ramifications of issues at hand and appalled that no one could see what was coming. So, I wrote a book about where we were headed: Death Panels.

Back then, the book was titled Liberty because that’s what it is about—people remembering that the value of our country lies in our extraordinary liberty, and how political agenda was bent on first restricting and then destroying the fantastic liberty on which our nation was founded because the plan to thwart the domination of Christianity was already underway.

When I wrote Death Panels, I did my best to make everything as farfetched as possible. I wanted to shake people up enough that they would consider where the various pushes against Christianity could lead. Unfortunately, I was a new author and after one publisher’s acceptance that ended up falling to rejection in favor of another book, I abandoned the manuscript until 2008, when Obama was elected. I presented it to Tan Books / St. Benedict Press and it was bought and published in 2010.

Now, six years later, many aspects of the story have come true, or can more clearly seen as the end result of our current path.

You’ll see, this isn’t about hating anyone. It’s about loving people, but not embracing their sins as normal, acceptable behavior.

Read it. Think it through. Pass it on.

Stand firm in your beliefs.

* * *

Have you ever read a novel and felt like it’s coming true (or has come true)?