Late last week, the brother I haven’t talked to in months did something awesome.

He texted me about the fact that I am an aunt. (The fact that we use electronic communications instead of face-to-face or voice-to-voice probably merits its own post – I was just thrilled that he told me!)

Then, this morning, when I emailed my mom to send my congratulations and share the general family excitement, she told me that there are some complications, some things not looking quite right, some need for prayer.

My friends, I am asking you to join me in a novena (a prayer you say everyday for nine days), starting today, to St. Gerard. Not only is he the patron of pregnant mothers, he’s also a special friend of mine (my youngest was born on his feast day).

Here’s the prayer, if you’re able to join us. If you’re not, please just remember Mike and Kristy and their unborn child in your prayers.

Most Blessed Trinity, I, Your child, thank You for all the gifts and privileges which You granted to St. Gerard, especially for those virtues with which You adorned him on earth and the glory which You now impart to him in heaven. Accomplish Your work, O Lord, so that Your kingdom may come about the earth. Through his merits, in union with those of Jesus and Mary, grant me the grace for which I now ask…acceptance of God’s will and the health of Kristy and BabycakesB.

And you, my powerful intercessor, St. Gerard, always so ready to help those who have recourse to you, pray for me. Come before the throne of Divine Mercy and do not leave without being heard. To you I confide this important and urgent affair. Graciously take my cause in hand, and do not let me end this novena without having experienced in some way the effects of your intercession. Amen.